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Welcome from Bill Basener

I am a data scientist and mathematician with a passion for getting information from data. To me, being a data scientist requires working on all three of the following areas:
  • Math\Statistics: Building models and algorithms that determine information from data.
  • Computing: Writing software and designing computer architecture that process data and deliver information to users in a way they can understand and use.
  • Domain Expertise: The ability to understand the characteristics of data and user-goals for a given domain, build models that leverage the characteristics of the data and solve the goals in that domain.
My favorite mathematical areas are probability, topology, and dynamical systems. My favorite computing language is Python for processing data, and web interfaces for presenting data. My favorite domain is remote sensing - the process of taking measurements of objects using sensors without making contact with the objects. My lab at UVA uses many forms of remote sensing and spectroscopy to understand the world. We do a fair amount of fieldwork to understand natural systems (vegetation, soils, water, minerals, etc.) to help decision-makers in many fields.

If you are interested in practical use of my work, see my corporation GTA.