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Machine Learning Classification Visualizations

K-Nearest Neighbors

LDA, QDA, and Logistic Regression

Random Forest

Support Vector Machine

Africa Food Security Map (with Jade Preston)

Recent Publications:

2022 (Submitted Preprint) Gaussian Process Atmospheric Compensation

2022 (Submmitted) Evaluation of Collapse Scenarios on Easter Island using Approximate Bayesian Computation

2022 (to appear in Target Identification and Bayesian Model Averaging with Probabilistic Hierarchical Factor Probabilities

2022 (to appear in Classifying Crop Types using Gaussian Bayesian Models and Neural Networks on GHISACONUS USGS data from NASA Hyperspectral Satellite Imagery

2022 (submitted) Understanding Deep Learning using Topological Dynamical Systems, Index Theory, and Homology

2022 (to appear in Neural Network Learning of Chemical Bond Representations in Spectral Indices and Features

2022 (to appear in Deep Learning of Radiative Atmospheric Transfer with an Autoencoder

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